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Sustainable Transportation Systems, Inc.
6160 S Elati St
Littleton, Colorado , USA 80120
Phone: (303) 671-5000
Fax (720) 488-6572
Email: info@biketrans.com

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Company Information:

Sustainable Transportation Systems, Inc. is a Colorado Corporation established to build and operate state of the art, user fee funded bicycle transit systems, which will be the lowest priced transit system available designed to operate on a profit-making basis while avoiding causing the health and environmental problems created by other transportation modes.

Sustainable Transportation Systems, Inc. was founded by its' current president - Milnor H. Senior III.

The name TransGlide 2000™, and its component concepts are protected under U.S.A. and international intellectual property laws by U.S.A. and international trademarks, and patents, and/or patent allowances.

Contact Us:

We are seeking to enter into joint venture development agreements to build and operate
TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit Systems.  Please contact us for more information.

Sustainable Transportation Systems, Inc.
President - Milnor H. Senior III
6160 S Elati St
Littleton, Colorado, USA 80120

Telephone: (303) 671-5000
Fax: (720) 488-6572
Email: info@biketrans.com

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