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Sustainable Transportation Systems, Inc.
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STS TransGlide 2000™

For the transportation consumer the TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System provides the fastest, least expensive, most convenient and most healthful transportation across congested metropolitan areas. The appeal and fun of free flow travel will return to the transportation system with the bicycle as the vehicle. Calculations demonstrate that in urban rush hour traffic conditions commuters can travel faster using the TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System than they can travel by bus, light rail or automobile. The System's continuously operating air-moving corridor is available for use on demand by the customer with no waiting and minimal inconvenience. Customers can use their bicycles to travel to the System, travel through the System and then continue on to their final destination maintaining a very high average speed without changing their transportation mode. To use the System people may ride their bicycles, drive and park to ride bicycles carried on their vehicles, keep their bicycles in lockers located at entrances, rent a bicycle or hire a bicycle cab.

The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System will appeal to every transportation consumer. The bicycle industry makes a wide variety of new products that include recumbent bicycles, which hold all bicycle speed records, tricycles and quad-cycles, which are designed to carry multiple passengers and freight. New electric power assisted bicycles and electric powered carts will be able to use the System. For those individuals who don't want to ride their own bicycles there will be bicycle cab service, which will cost less than automobile cabs. Bicycles will also provide freight delivery services. Bicycle rentals, bicycle lockers, secured parking and other services will be provided. For individuals with special physical needs there are bicycles built for use by riders who have arm usage but not leg abilities. For wheel chair users bicycle cabs will provide access to the System as well as door to door transportation.

The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System is a powerful transit idea that meets a long unrecognized demand in the transit marketplace by providing a fast, safe, economical, convenient, comfortable and secure riding environment for bicycles. Bicycle owners are the largest worldwide transportation constituency. Providing a transportation system to maximize the transportation potential of the bicycle is the next step in transit development. The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System will succeed because it provides the fastest, least expensive and the most efficient method of moving people and freight in urban areas as well as being the most environmentally beneficial transit system ever designed. Bicycle Transportation Systems, Inc. is seeking to enter into joint venture development agreements to build and operate TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit Systems.

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We are seeking to enter into joint venture development agreements to build and operate
TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit Systems.  Please contact us for more information.

Sustainable Transportation Systems, Inc.
President - Milnor H. Senior III
6160 S Elati St
Littleton, Colorado, USA 80120

Telephone: (303) 671-5000
Fax: (720) 488-6572
Email: info@biketrans.com

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