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Sustainable Transportation Systems, Inc.
6160 S Elati St
Littleton, Colorado , USA 80120
Phone: (303) 671-5000
Fax (720) 488-6572
Email: info@biketrans.com

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The Future of Mass Transportation

STS's Transglide 2000™ bicycle transit system increases urban mobility at a fraction of the costs of traditional modes of urban mass transportation.

  • Speeds faster than light rail, buses, or motor vehicles.
  • New strategy for mass transportation matches the carrying capacities of rail systems at an affordable cost.
  • Lower capital and operating costs will generate large profits and not require continuous subsidies.
  • Constant powered air movement in direction of riding removes air resistance allowing average riding speeds of 25 miles [40 km] per hour.
  • Cycling inside the Transglide 2000™ is 90% more efficient than normal cycling outside the enclosed airflow enhanced system.
  • A low-cost, low-tech transportation solution to meet the challenge of providing affordable effective mobility that offers an alternative to the environmental problem created by increasing levels of motor vehicle use.

Contact Us:

We are seeking to enter into joint venture development agreements to build and operate
TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit Systems.  Please contact us for more information.

Sustainable Transportation Systems, Inc.
President - Milnor H. Senior III
6160 S Elati St
Littleton, Colorado, USA 80120

Telephone: (303) 671-5000
Fax: (720) 488-6572
Email: info@biketrans.com

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